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  • Thu 29th Mar 2018 - 7:32am

    Budbo Review


    Budbo – Global Cannabis Blockchain and Supply Chain Management for the Global Cannabis Industry

    Blockchain technology is an emerging way for businesses, industries, and governments to almost instantaneously make and verify transactions—streamlining business processes, saving money, and reducing the potential for fraud. At its core, a blockchain is a data structure used to create a digital transaction ledger that, instead of resting with a single provider, is shared among a distributed network of computers.

    As Budbo’s blockchain application is available via the cloud and compatible with today’s hybrid cloud environment, dispensaries will have the ability to experiment without additional infrastructure expense and get to market faster to a global community of cannabis users.

    Budbo is offering a Bounty Program in order to reward supporters who help Budbo to reach out to more people on the internet

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